Born and raised in Taiwan, Maggie moved to New York over a decade ago to pursue filmmaking. Her first short film, Dark Blue, was awarded the Best Cinematography Award at the Georgetown Independent Film Festival in 2002. Throughout the last 12 years she has directed, shot, produced and edited numerous film and video projects in the high-end fashion and music industry, as well as many high-profile corporate and commercial projects in the finance environment.

She is currently working towards completing in her new short film,  “Shuffle” (about a dying convict’s decisions when given a second chance) as well as collaborating with Nonlinear Films founder Eric Gersbeck on a few upcoming web series.

Her biggest influences are, among many others: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly;  The Wild Bunch; The Godfather Part 1 & 2; The Shining; North by Northwest; The Running Man; Planet of the Apes; and Alien, to name a few.

On Filmmaking

I believe films are the ultimate demonstration of humanity. I love to be moved by the characters, story, people or even just a single shot from any movie. Filmmaking is not just an art form to me, it’s a way of life. As a child I have always dreamed of making movies, and throughout the years I have successfully used my craft and skills to deliver many projects for others. But I think at this point in life,  it is time for me to make something for me.  As an artist, every single project that I work on becomes personal. It reflects my thoughts, my values, and my ideology. I cannot wait to begin telling my stories to the world through images.