Screenwriter, producer, designer, Adobe CS6/CC (After Effects, Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator), motion graphics animator, editor; color correction in Da Vinci Resolve and post-production visual effects using After Effects, Cinema4D, Maya and Nuke.


I have spent most of my adult life studying the art of screenwriting.  I had an epiphany last year when someone pointed out that screenwriting was not the act of writing on TV screens with a Sharpie.  I have been deeply embarrassed ever since, although lately to save face I’ve been making a go at writing actual scripts for film production, which is all very novel to me.  I have traditionally been the type of writer who prefers not to show his work to anyone, but eventually I’ve decided that this has substantially limited my audience.

While I consider myself a writer first and foremost, I’ve spent the past year aggressively learning every post-production tool I can get my hands on.  For the first time in the history of motion pictures, it’s possible to shoot two actors in front of green construction paper for the price of bagels, put a nuclear wasteland in the background using a desktop computer, and have it not look like shit.  And as a writer, that is incredibly liberating.  Suddenly, all of those unfilmable ideas that I had relegated to short stories and spec scripts aren’t so unfilmable. 

For the last couple years I’ve been working with various film collectives like this one, experimenting and learning the proper approach to building, recruiting, and maintaining a sustainable film organization.  And now we’re ready to start shooting.  I’ve got lots of experience building a film organization from scratch, a day job helping put together multimedia productions, and a walk-in closet full of scripts and notes and ideas.  I just need the help of Nonlinear Films’ collaborators to help make it all happen.