What is Nonlinear Films?

We’re a new film collective that’s gearing up to make no-to-low-budget short films and web series, starting at a pace of one shooting day per month and gradually ramping up from there.  We’ve got all the equipment we need to make original and exciting content, and we’ve got an amazing mix of experienced filmmakers and newer talent, united by our passion for creating work and putting it on display.  All of our members are working on a volunteer basis during the initial stages of our organization.  We intend to take full advantage of the new digital aesthetic to make films the way we want to: without interference, commercial concerns, focus groups or studio notes.

What’s In It for Me?

Lots!  First, we want to be as straightforward as possible about this: we don’t have much in the way of funding right now, and compensation on our early shoots will be denominated in bagels and pizza.  Eventually we’ll be looking into every avenue of monetization — crowdfunding, grants, sponsorship, whatever — to make this a paying gig for all involved, but in the early stages we’re relying on a volunteer workforce.  Each and every member will get a ton out of this: joining a thriving community of working professionals, gaining valuable set experience, having your work on display for an audience, building lots of diverse reel material quickly.  We make the fast availability of reel material a high priority for every member of our cast and crew.  Unlike a lot of amateur productions, we won’t shoot material, put it in a lockbox, take eight months to deliver your footage, and never release anything.  You’ll have the raw footage before you leave the set, and polished work to show off within 2-4 weeks.

Also, we’re a production-oriented organization that scales to meet the needs of each individual project.  We’re not a social-oriented organization that never gets around to going on set.  We audition and crew up for every shoot after we have our shooting dates and locations locked down.  This means that if we post a casting call or a job listing, it’s for a concrete project that’s ready for production in the next few weeks.  We won’t waste your time making empty promises about vague future projects — if we choose to work together, you’ll be entering an in-progress production with a shooting script and dates to mark off on your calendar.

So What Now?

We haven’t scared you off yet?  Awesome!

If you came to our site after seeing a recent casting call or job listing, we’re about to shoot something and we want to hear from you!  We won’t be able to work with everybody, but if you send along your resume/headshot/reel, a member of our administrative staff will review your application and schedule an in-person meeting or audition as soon as possible.  Actors, please send professional headshots; and crew members, please send along a link to your reel if possible.

If you just happened upon the site and want to help, feel free to drop us a line too!  We’re always looking to build connections and we want to work with as many people as we can.


Contact us now!