Nonlinear Films’ new web series, “Minor Embarrassments” is now deep in pre-production with our first shooting date set for November 9. As we ramp up for shooting, we are pleased to introduce Michael Petrocelli, the very talented actor who will be portraying our main character, Erik T. Gershbach.  Here is his introduction in his own words:

While the truth of his origins remains a source of constant debate, experts can agree that Michael began his ascent to world-conquering stardom in the diminutive yet colorful state of Rhode Island. Moving to NYC for school in 2004, Michael has recently celebrated 10 years in the city. Some would say this makes him an “official” New Yorker, but Michael is pretty sure that he achieved official status once he became bored by the break dancers on the subway. Michael is thrilled to be portraying Erik T. Gershbach and looks forward to making you laugh and cringe in equal measure.

Stay tuned over the next few days as we introduce the rest of our awesome cast!